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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monkey Skulls and Lizard Paws

Quiapo. The Church of the Black Nazarene.
Fortune tellers, fans with prayers, glass beads, lizard paws, monkey skulls, green moss with black crosses in glass bottles. Just no photography inside the cathedral. Photos coming after the 19th. I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't be genius.
Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lexicon of the Third Eye

During my initial years of artistic exploration I wondered what makes mankind create art. As the years went by the questions was there as well as a beginning of an answer. This manuscript is a beginning of what I hope to be a pyschological art analysis tome.

The premise of pyschoanalysis is from my understanding rooted in genetic (i.e. emotional) memory. To verify an emotional reactions such as fear to a spider is spurred by subconcious settings in the human mind. We react either with joy or fear based upon our own feelings towards something. In this case I would argue that if you are afraid of spiders you may also be undergoing stressful situations with money or inheritance as that is the genetic memory of the visual representation.

I would be happy to send you a digital copy if you so desire for a fee of zero dollars.